The King Maker, A David Winters Production, An Epic Adventure film “THE KING MAKER”, produced entirely in Thailand stars Gary Stretch, who was Cleitus in Oliver Stone’s “ALEXANDER” and was nominated for a U.K. BAFTA AWARD for “DEAD MAN’S SHOES”. Gary is the ex World Light Middleweight Boxing Champion. Also starring in the film is John Rhys-Davies (star of the “Lord Of The Rings” as the lovable "Gimli" character and “Indiana Jones”).

All U.S.A. rights to “THE KING MAKER” were purchased by SONY STUDIOS, and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS bought many foreign territories. With CHINA FILM, in China, it had a very successful theatrical run - and played on more screens then King Kong - the other Royal Title.

The film played in Thailand in 110 cinemas, where it received 4 Thai Academy Award nominations and won The Star Entertainment Award.

"THE KING MAKER" won the Silver Ten Award as Outstanding Film in the FICTS International Film Festival in Mumbai, India in 2007.

The King of films: The King Maker made entirely in Thailand, is the first local production to achieve international box office success due to the business and creative genius of actor-turned-producer David Winters. The movie was primarily produced for American and European audiences. The Hollywood Reporter was quoted as saying that the movie looks like it was made for 100 million dollars.